Friday, July 10, 2009

A little break from cupcakes...

For weeks I've been trying to find fun headbands! After realizing how expensive these little accessories are, I decided to create my own! Enjoy!

I love this green flower headband. I wore it today with a white dress! I'm so excited to try my other ones!!

The pink plaid looks great with a big black flower! There are more cute details on the other side.

This red and black look was pulled together by a pretty flower purchased on Etsy.

I love the way the brown, blue, and black work so perfectly together!

The flowers on this headband are from an old, vintage hat! They have new life again! I can't wait to put my headbands on Etsy!


  1. Wow, these are really terrific! I think I love the plaid one the best!

  2. thats julies fav too! i wish you could see them in person. the pics don't do it justice